5 Best Sites to Watch Boxing Tonight

You don't have to dig deep into your pockets to subscribe to cable TV to watch boxing tonight. There are many free boxing stream sites to check out. However, most of them may not be available where you reside due to geo-restrictions. Hence, use a VPN to circumvent this issue and access the free boxing stream.

Boxing has always been popular among most. Although some of you may not find the ‘violence’ enticing, most appreciate the art and technical skills behind the sport. However, unless you’re willing to loosen your pocket strings, you may find catching up with your favorite boxing fights somewhat challenging. Higher-profile boxing matches will be even harder to locate. 

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1. Boxing Stream Links

Watch Boxing Tonight - Boxing Stream Links
Boxing Stream Links, the boxing stream alternative from Reddit.

Boxing Stream Links is the free alternative by Reddit for you to get into some boxing action. At Boxing Stream Links, you can access Reddit boxing stream links with HD quality to follow your favorite boxers. The interface is sleek and clean, with fights laid out systematically and categorized by ‘Yesterday,’ ‘Today,’ and ‘Tomorrow’.

Scroll down and select the boxing stream you want, and you will see the Fight Card. The ‘About Match’ tab contains a brief description of the fight. The relevant boxing stream links will appear around 60 minutes before the fight. At the bottom of the Boxing Stream Links main page are boxing news updates. 

Clicking on the match does give you pop-ups, so make sure you use an ad-blocker to make your streaming experience seamless. For me, I encountered only one pop-up. As such, the pop-ups (to me) were very minimal. Reddit is the highly sought-after platform where sports enthusiasts gather. However, streaming comes with a price; be wise and use a VPN to protect yourself. 

2. Methstreams Boxing

Watch Boxing Tonight - Methstreams Boxing
Methstreams offers access to all the boxing matches you can ever want.

MethStreams boxing is your go-to destination for all things boxing, offering unparalleled access to live streams of the most anticipated matches in the boxing world. Whether you're a casual fan or a die-hard aficionado, this platform provides a seamless, high-quality viewing experience.

However, what makes Methstreams as good as gold is that it offers much more than boxing streams. You can watch the NBA, NFL, and a slew of other sports on this platform. It's also supremely easy to use and doesn't make you hit many links to start watching.

Visit their URL and choose your preferred sport (in this case, boxing). Next, look at the list of boxing streams available and click the one you want to watch. After that, whack the big play button, and the stream will start. The only downside is the distracting ads, though.

3. Streameast

Streameast, a sports streaming platform that covers boxing matches.

Streameast sports a clear and sleek interface that makes it easy for people to navigate. The boxing streams are divided into ‘Yesterday’, ‘Today’, and ‘Tomorrow’. The ad banners and ad pop-ups are minimal. Once you select the correct match, you will see three tabs – ‘Live Streams,’ ‘Fight Card,’ and ‘About.’ It is as simple as you can get. The streaming links only appear 60 minutes before each fight. You will need to check back within the hour of the match time. 

Streameast covers other sports as well. Feel free to check them out. However, like other free streaming sites, Streameast (although they use SSL) may not be safe for streaming per se. Not only are there legal aspects to consider, but the security aspects can be in question. Therefore, remember to use a VPN with an ad-blocker to secure and make your streaming experience more pleasant.

4. Box.Live

Box.Live, your one-stop-center when it comes to boxing. 

Box.Live is an aggregator website that is dedicated to boxing streams only. Scroll downwards to give you an overview of the matches, arranged by dates. Each fight comes with its respective available streaming platforms. They do state if the links are free or not. In a way, Box.Live does offer a complete picture of the boxing streaming links available for a match.

You can register with Box.Live for free to follow your fighters and any contests, obtain notifications on anything noteworthy, and enjoy fewer ads. Catch the match results and fighters’ rankings at the right panel. Also, there is a lot of the latest boxing news that may interest you. At the top, there is an option for you to even place bets. 

Scroll further down, and you will reach a section where you can find the upcoming fights. There is a disclaimer at the bottom on the accuracy of information provided and that Box.Live has secured permission for all licensed media. That said, turn on your VPN for peace of mind when streaming.

5. Team USA Boxing 

Team USA Boxing
Team USA Boxing, a boxing streaming platform to follow USA boxing.

The United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee (USIPC) manages the Team USA Boxing site and has its base in Colorado, the United States. Founded in 1894, they are responsible for supporting and empowering America’s athletes. Team USA Boxing focuses on USA boxing and its growth in the US. You can sign up as a member and give donations to support the Amateur Boxing programs throughout the US. 

There are six tabs that you can explore on the main page. Clicking the ‘Ring' tabs will bring you to any live boxing matches. Depending on your internet speed, the video quality will be in HD or SD. You can adjust the video quality manually by clicking the ‘gear’ on the video player. 

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How We Choose the Best Sites to Watch Boxing

Selecting the best sites to watch boxing tonight is no small feat; it involves a meticulous evaluation process that prioritizes your viewing experience. We aim to ensure you get the most out of every match, from the first bell to the final knockout. So, how do we go about choosing these elite platforms? Let's break it down.

Streaming Quality

The essence of watching a boxing match is to feel the adrenaline rush as if you're right there by the ring. That's why streaming quality is our top priority. We look for sites that offer high-definition streams, ensuring that you won't miss a single detail, be it a swift jab or a slow-motion replay of a knockout punch.

User Experience

A site could have the best streaming quality in the world, but if it's a nightmare to navigate, what's the point? We assess the user interface, ease of navigation, and overall platform design. The goal is to find sites where you can go from landing on the homepage to watching a live match in the fewest clicks possible.

Reliability and Accessibility

There's nothing worse than a stream crashing in the middle of a crucial round. We test the reliability of each site under various conditions to ensure that it can handle high traffic without buffering issues. Additionally, we consider how accessible the site is, whether it requires a VPN, and if it's compatible with multiple devices.

Use a VPN to Watch The Best Free Boxing Streams

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Sometimes, when you’re all geared up to watch your favorite boxing matches, you discover that the streaming links cannot play in your region. Due to distribution rights, boxing matches are only available in certain countries. You must be in these regions with access rights to the boxing matches.

Hence, the need for VPNs arises. VPNs are essential to getting you access to otherwise geo-blocked sites. They replace your actual IP with that of another country that has access rights. Then, the streaming site will believe you are coming in from the said country and allow you access. 

So, if you’re in Vietnam and want to watch a US-only boxing match, you must activate your VPN and connect to the country with access rights (in this case, the US). Then, head over to the boxing streaming site. Also, a VPN encrypts your communication to safeguard your data/information against hackers; your privacy and security are intact. 

Here’s how to watch boxing through a VPN:

Go for a trusted and reputable VPN. After all, this is your first line of defense in keeping you safe when online: 

  1. Sign up for a VPN (check out NordVPN, it is trusted and abides by its verified zero-logs policy)
  2. Look for the app of your chosen platform and download it
  3. Install the app
  4. Launch the app
  5. Look for the country with access rights
  6. Connect to a server in that country
  7. Head over to the streaming site


If you’re a thrill seeker, hunting for sites to watch boxing tonight is a no-brainer. You want to cheer for your favorite boxer attempting for a knockout. But if you’re dead set against spending money, look no further, as the above is a list of free boxing stream sites that will surely satisfy your craving for punching action.

However, these free boxing stream sites may not be available in your region. Using a VPN to unlock access to these geo-blocked streaming sites. VPNs also ensure your privacy and secure your information to enjoy your matches with peace of mind.

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