Free Proxy Server List – Best Proxies for 2023

If you’re considering a free proxy server, you need to know which is safe. Let’s face it – the Internet is kind of scary today. Few places are safe, and you risk everything from malicious websites to data breaches and cybercriminals trying to steal your data.

Website hopping can be risky. That said, most users would use some sort of method to keep themselves safe such as Virtual Private Networks (VPN). In some cases, proxy servers can play a role – provided you choose a good one.

The Best Free Proxy Servers (Websites & Browser Extensions)

Proxy web servers make your life easier by simply choosing your desired server without having to do any technical tasks. The same goes for a browser extension – all you have to do is install it onto your browser, and within a few clicks, you can connect to a proxy server. 

Here are some of the best free proxy servers available: 

1. KProxy 

Free Proxy Server List - kproxy

KProxy is a browser extension that works for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. You can install it anywhere – your office, school, public library, etc. You can choose from up to 10 servers from which you can freely switch around. Another cool feature is that when you lose a connection to a server, it’ll instantly connect you to a new one. 

While using KProxy, your IP address will be hidden to prevent data from being shared online, preventing hackers from stealing your information. 

Visit Kproxy

2. CyberGhost 

Free Proxy Server List - CyberGhost

CyberGhost is another free proxy server extension that offers up to 8 servers in 4 different countries: Romania, Germany, the United States, and the Netherlands. It’s available for Firefox or Chrome users. CyberGhost provides both a proxy and VPN, with their VPN offering more servers. 

However, the CyberGhost free proxy does well by changing your IP address while protecting you against malicious attacks and providing you access to geo-blocked websites. 

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3. Hidester 


One of the best free proxy servers would be Hidester due to the ample security measures, such as blocking cookies, encrypting the URL, and blocking ads. On top of that, Hidester doesn’t keep any logs of the browsing history, personal information, etc. 

Other than that, Hidester also provides various free tools that you can use, such as DNS leak tests and password generators. The paid version offers a broader selection of servers all around Europe and the United States from which you can choose. 

Visit Hidester

4. ProxySite 

If you’re looking for the best free proxy server with good speed, ProxySite is widely known for loading website pages fast, thanks to the gigabit network. There’s also a proxy specifically for Youtube and Facebook. 

ProxySite does the job well by protecting your privacy too by offering an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption as well as ensuring anonymity. 

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5. provides several free proxy servers across three countries: the Netherlands, Germany, and Canada. It also offers free customization options to adjust several settings, such as disabling scripts or cookies while browsing the web. You can even encrypt your URL in just one click. 

This free proxy can be downloaded as an extension to web browsers such as Firefox or Chrome, protecting your browser activities. 


6. HMA (HideMyAss)

The HMA free proxy has servers in 5 countries which are the USA (Seattle or New York City), Germany (Frankfurt), the UK (London), the Netherlands (Amsterdam), and the Czech Republic (Prague). 

Additionally, you may customize your connection by toggling the options for disabling cookies, encrypting URLs, or removing scripts. 

Visit HMA

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List of Best Free Proxy Servers (Manual Connections)

You can also manually connect to several free proxy servers without using a proxy website. However, compared to proxy websites, most people don’t have a good experience with a smooth connection. Hence, a VPN or one of the proxy websites is recommended for the best experience. 

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How to Connect to a Proxy Server

If you wish to connect to a proxy server manually, you may follow the instructions below: 

Connecting to a Proxy Server on Windows

  1. Search ‘Proxy Settings’ in your search bar located on the bottom left corner. 
  2. Scroll down until you find ‘Manual proxy setup’. Click the switch button option that says ‘Use a proxy server’ Wait until it turns blue. 
  3. Key in the IP address and the proxy port of the proxy server. 
  4. Click ‘Save’, and you’re done. 

Connecting to a Proxy Server on macOS

  1. Open up your Safari app and click ‘Safari -> Preferences’. Then, click the option ‘Advanced’. 
  2. Look for the option ‘Change Settings’ located next to ‘Proxies’.
  3. Then, key in the IP Address alongside the proxy port. 
  4. Click ‘OK’, and you’re done. 

What Is A Proxy Server?

Proxy Servers are somewhat similar to VPNs but often less secure (Source: Google)

Proxy servers act as a gateway between the Internet and a user. They help to prevent hackers or external users from penetrating a private network. In other words, they act as an additional security barrier to protect users against cyberattacks. 

Proxy Servers vs. VPNs: What’s The Difference? 

Don’t get confused between proxy servers and VPNs, though. Many tend to think both are the same, but there are several key differences between the two. For instance, a proxy server only functions on a single website or app. A VPN will protect you across the entire network (every single website or app you’re using instead of just one). 

Aside from that, VPN encrypts your whole data connection instead of just hiding your IP address. Therefore, all the websites you visit, including your device’s IP addresses, will be masked. 

If you use a proxy server, Internet Service Providers can watch your activity, minus knowing your actual IP address. 


If you are looking for a quick and easy way to access websites or content that is blocked, using a free proxy server would be the way to go. However, since proxy servers would have your IP addresses, it’s best to opt for proxy servers which don't keep any logs of IP addresses. 

Generally, paid proxy servers would offer more privacy and security features. So if you have the budget, you should consider them. Otherwise, free proxy servers are a great option since most of them work well. 

Common FAQs on Free Proxy Servers

Do I need a proxy server? 

If you happen to be surrounded by WiFi networks that have restricted access to certain content, using a free proxy server would be your best bet by hiding your actual location. Hence, it would be helpful for you to not only protect your data by remaining anonymous but also to access geo-blocked content.  

How do I find free proxy servers? 

We've provided a comprehensive list in this article of the best free proxy servers. Among top choices are kproxy or even VPN service providers like CyberGhost. Give them a try since they're free, and you stand to gain more than lose.

Should I use a proxy server or VPN? 

Without a doubt, VPN is more secure than a free proxy server. Many VPN services offer great value with low monthly fees. My preference is Surfshark. It's one of the best value-packed options around.

Are free proxy servers safe to use? 

Not always. Many proxy servers can be dangerous, especially those with are completely free. That said, we've collected some of the most reputable ones in this list of free proxy servers. Use them with confidence.


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