How to Watch NFL and Other Live Sports on StreamEast

The digital age has brought unprecedented opportunities to sports fans worldwide. We're less constrained by borders and can watch live sports worldwide. StreamEast is one sports streaming site that specializes in this area. While NFL games are my favorite stream, there are many others available.

However, access to sites like StreamEast can be risky and at times, performance may be erratic. If you aren't sure of what StreamEast can do and how you can use it safely, you've come to the right place.


This article is purely for your information only. We do not condone piracy, and we do not in any way or form condone nor encourage the use of VPNs to violate copyright or other laws by any means. 

What is StreamEast?

StreamEast Soccer
StreamEast provides sports match highlights, news, live streams, and more.

StreamEast is one of the popular streaming provider platforms around. You get live sports with over 10,000 hours of live games each week. They offer sports coverage, upcoming events, news, and dependable HD live sports streaming. With StreamEast, enjoy streams of sporting events for free, so you don’t have to pay for pricey cable packages.

At first glance, the interface sports a more premium uptake look featuring a crisp and clean layout. You can easily navigate the interface with its menu bar atop the page and the list of available games in the middle of the page. There are multiple free streams in various popular sports categories.

No registration is required, and access to the streams is straightforward. That said, clicking on the links and even on the media player itself brings up pop-ups and directs you elsewhere too. Hence, be careful when browsing StreamEast. 

The streams are top-quality HD, and they play well, albeit, at times, they buffer and load (this also depends on your internet connection and other factors). That said, StreamEast is still a good option for streaming anything sports.

How to Watch Live Sports on StreamEast
You can watch past game highlights as well on StreamEast, but that's mostly drawn from YouTube.

Watching sports online is pretty straightforward. As long as you have a good internet connection and a compatible device, you can stream your favorite sports, in this case, NBA, within seconds. For StreamEast, click the sports you want to watch at the top menu bar. Then, there will be a list of available games shown. Locate the game you want to watch.

Since StreamEast has a lot of pop-up ads and redirects, you should take the necessary precaution and turn on your ad-blocker. Bear in mind that streaming sites are often frequented by cybercriminals, even more so free streaming sites. The hackers know that people cannot resist free stuff and will take the risk to frequent such free sites. Hence, you risk more with each click on the site.

You may often find yourself in a predicament when you cannot access StreamEast; this is a common issue as there are different distribution rights on content based on the region. Hence, you may not be able to watch what you want from where you are. 

As such, use a Virtual Private Network (VPN). It masks your IP by replacing it with the IP of the connected VPN server. Your point of origin becomes hidden, and nobody can track you, ensuring your anonymity and privacy. Also, the VPN encrypts your communication channel, safeguarding your data.  

Stream Sports with NordVPN

NordVPN helps you access all geo-blocked sports streaming websites quickly.

How to Watch Live Sports on StreamEast

As mentioned, a VPN is essential to bypass geo-restrictions. Also, since free sports streaming sites are usually risky, you need a VPN as an extra layer of security to protect your privacy and data. Here are the steps to watching NBA on StreamEast:

Step 1. Get a VPN

There are so many VPNs in the market that you may feel overwhelmed. Don’t be because, after a little due diligence effort, you’ll come across some that are reputable and trusted. NordVPN is one of them. They are proven to be privacy-friendly and reliable. Never settle for less. After all, you are riding a lot on your VPN to protect yourself when online. 

Step 2. Install the VPN

Once you have subscribed to a VPN, look for the VPN app of your platform choice. Download the app and run the installer. Then go through the on-screen installation instructions.

Step 3. Log in to the VPN

Check your email for your VPN login credentials and change them for security purposes. Then run the VPN and log in. 

Step 4. Connect to the Country with Access

For example, you want to watch an NBA game only available in the US. Search for a server in the US. Connect to that US server.

Step 5. Go to the StreamEast Website

StreamEast NBA
StreamEast offers excellent live coverage of several sports.

Connecting to a VPN server is usually speedy. Upon successful connection, head over to StreamEast. Look for the NBA feed you want and click it. Congrats, you’re in!

NFL and Other Sports are Available on StreamEast

Aside from NFL, you will be able to find other popular sports such as NBA, NFL, MLB, MMA, boxing, Formula 1, and cricket. Most popular leagues are available. Just maneuver through the menu bar at the top to select the sports you want. 

Also, you’ll be able to catch up on anything sports related via their comprehensive and updated news by clicking the ‘News’ button. Or select the sports you want, in this case, NFL, then click ‘News’ to get the NFL's latest coverage developments. 

Here's the full list of live sports streams available on StreamEast;

  • Soccer
  • Major League Baseball (MLB)
  • Formula 1 (F1)
  • National Basketball Association (NBA) Games
  • National Hockey League (NHL) Matches
  • National Football League (NFL) Games
  • Boxing
  • Mixed Martial arts (MMA)

StreamEast Alternatives

It doesn’t hurt to have more to choose from when streaming your favorite sports. Hence, check out the following alternatives to StreamEast:


SportRAR is no stranger to sports fans. It is a sports directory with a comprehensive listing of NBA games for you to watch. Clicking a game brings out a card about the game, with the available TV channels and stream networks. SportRAR is free. However, you must sign up to use its chat feature.

Aside from NBA, you can stream almost any other sports you can think of. In addition to the more popular volleyball, baseball, football, ice hockey, and tennis, there are other less popular sports, such as handball. 


CrackStreams is another live sports-based streaming service that offers NBA and other popular sports such as NHL, NFL, MLB, soccer, MMA/UFC, and more. Like StreamEast, CrackStreams is free and organizes live streams for your viewing pleasure. The interface is easy-to-navigate, and you watch the streams for free without registration.  

Although the stream quality can be inconsistent, CrackStreams is still a decently good streaming site with updated streams. For a free watch, CrackStreams is not bad by any means. 


Stream2watch is a popular online streaming site that provides live feeds, streams, and broadcasts of many televised sports events. Unlike many free sports streaming sites, Stream2Watch offers high-quality live streams. They do not self-host the content. As such, the links will direct you elsewhere. A word of caution; these links can be broken or malicious. 

You can catch up on almost any sports games and leagues, including the NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, tennis, and more. There are multiple streams, increasing stream availability. You can check out the program schedule for upcoming events. However, you’ll be served with ads, although minimal. Still, you are advised to keep your ad blocker running. 


Buffstreams is a free streaming platform to catch up on sports. It gives you access to Formula 1, soccer, NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, UFC, and more. The app supports desktop and also Android mobile devices. The interface is sleek and makes for easy navigation. 

There are also in-app navigation features, which include Chromecast support and sharing options to Facebook Live and Twitter Direct Message. Once you select the game, the links appear around 60 minutes before the game starts. The good news is that the streams are of HD quality. 

Is StreamEast Legal?

StreamEast broadcasts various NBA and other popular league games from around the world. Simply put, StreamEast shows copyrighted content which constitutes copyright infringement. Most countries enforce strict copyright laws. Hence, it is illegal to watch sports content on StreamEast in these countries, and you can be prosecuted for streaming copyrighted content. 

However, some countries do not enforce such strict compliance. As such, you should check your country’s copyright infringement policies before heading over to StreamEast. Whether streaming StreamEast is legal or not depends on where you reside. 

StreamEast Proxies and Mirrors

Like most steaming websites, StreamEast often gets hit by service outages. That's a horrible thing to happen if you urgently want to watch an ongoing game. Thankfully there are several StreamEast proxies and mirrors that help make up for this.

At the moment, these are the known StreamEast proxies and Mirrors that work;

Wrapping Up – Is StreamEast Good for Sports Streams?

If you are an avid sports fan and wish not to dig deep in your pockets for a cable subscription, you may consider StreamEast. After all, it is a solid free streaming site for sports binge-watchers. 

That said, StreamEast may not be available from where you’re at as it is geo-restricted in many regions for hosting copyrighted content. Because of this, you may need a VPN to access the website. Using a VPN not only encrypts your communication channel but also allows easy switching of your online location to a region with access. 

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