How to Watch NCAA Sports on Volokit

NCAA sports on Volokit are some of the most popular streams. It brings you live and direct to unadulterated NCAA sports action for free. If you've been trying to watch this sport online and not been having much luck, this is the palace to be.

Online sports streaming has ingrained itself in every avid sports fan's everyday routine. After all, it is more economical when compared to a cable subscription. Hence, you’ll find many websites that facilitate sports streaming. 

While some are free, some require subscription fees. Among the available sports streaming platforms, Volokit certainly stands out for free and live sports streaming content. 

What is Volokit?

Volokit Sports
Volokit broadcasts many quality NCAA live streams.

Volokit is a live streaming service and one of the most promising free live sports streaming platforms. Enjoy access to live and on-demand sports coverage. Its user-friendly layout makes for hassle-free navigation, and the content library is massive, with multiple streaming HD-quality links. On the right, you will find ‘Blog’ and ‘News’ to keep you updated on everything sports. 

If you are familiar with the Reddit community, you won’t need much introduction to the Volokit community. They are similar in that they function as a sports fan community platform to bridge everyone together. It is here that people from all over the world interact with one another and discuss everything about sports. 

The Volokit team has shared a list of streaming options for the community to use, and they are very strict about their rules, including never sharing illegal stream links in the community. 

Sports Streaming on Volokit

At Volokit, you’ll find a section dedicated to NCAA live streams. You cheer for your favorite team via their HD quality streams for free. They claim to offer updated live streams from Reddit, a site that is no stranger to sports fans. Aside from the NCAA, other popular leagues are available such as NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, NCAA, UFC, MMA, and more.

Volokit has organized all its content well in a clear layout. You can easily find the sports you want by looking at the tabs at the top. The library is extensive and covers the following:

  • American Football
  • Soccer
  • F1
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Cricket
  • Rugby
  • Boxing
  • Hockey

How to Watch NCAA on Volokit

Unblock Volokit with NordVPN

NordVPN offers reliable access to geo-blocked channels and protects your device.

Volokit sports a very nifty layout on a black background. You can browse for any game you want via the easily located tabs. Once you choose a sport, you will see a list of ongoing games. Click ‘Live Streams’ next to the listed game you want.

However, be cautious whenever you click anything on the site, including the media player itself. You’ll get ads and redirects. Streaming sites are known to be the favored playgrounds for malware and hackers. Hence, when you use Volokit, you should practice the necessary precautions and stay vigilant. 

Also, not all regions allow access to Volokit. As such, you may find you cannot access Volokit from where you are. Use a VPN to bypass geo-restriction issues when accessing Volokit. It replaces your IP with the VPN server’s IP, thus duping Volokit into believing you are accessing from a region with access rights. 

A VPN opens up content from all over the world and encrypts your communication channel. Hence, you and your information become safe from prying eyes. Streaming’s legality has always been a hot topic for debate. However, you don’t want to get involved in breaking the law in your country. A VPN keeps you invisible online so that nobody can trace you. 

Here's how it works

Step 1. Subscribe to a Trusted VPN Like NordVPN

Although there are many VPNs in the market, you’ll find that there are some that are trusted and reliable such as NordVPN. Remember, your privacy and security lie in the hands of your VPN. As such, do not settle for less. 

Step 2. Install the VPN and Log in to Your Account

Go to your VPN’s website and locate the app of your platform choice. Download and install the VPN. Upon subscribing to your VPN, you will receive your VPN login credentials. Modify your login credentials for security purposes. Launch your VPN and log in. 

Step 3. Connect to the VPN Server in the Country With Access

Unblock Volokit Sports with a VPN
Locate the VPN server in the country with access rights. 

You want to watch an NCAA game that is only available in Canada. As such, look for a server in Canada and connect to that server. Connection is usually swift. You should be connected within seconds.

Step 4. Head to Volokit

Volokit Channels
Each NCAA game in Volokit comes with a list of available channels.

Upon successful VPN connection to a Canadian server, launch Volokit. At Volokit, click the ‘NCAA’ tab at the top. 

Step 5. Look For the NCAA Game

Search for the game you want and click ‘Live Streams’ next to it. After which, you’ll see a list of available channels for you to stream. Choose the channel by clicking ‘Watch’. You will be directed to the website that streams your NCAA game. 

Remember, Volokit is an aggregator site. Hence, choosing any of these channels will bring you elsewhere. My personal experience was that the video qualities were of top-notch HD quality. That said, the video's quality still depends on the channel.

Volokit Alternatives

Volokit can be unreliable, and connections drop. Hence, it is always good to have other alternatives to Volokit:

NFL Streams

NFL Streams is a solid streaming platform to catch up on the NCAA games across multiple devices (desktop, Mac, and mobile devices). NFL Streams source quality streams from the internet, so you don’t have to. 

They do not create or host or share any content. All streams are from external websites that are freely available online. Hence, stream for free when you need to quench your NCAA thirst. You get to cheer for your college football teams too.


Like NFL Streams, Sportsurge is also an aggregator site. Aside from NCAA, there are other sports such as soccer, baseball, hockey, basketball, F1, MMA, rugby, and more. You can catch up on anything NCAA via any device and for free. Sportsurge excels in its multiple viewing options; you can adjust your stream’s resolution depending on your internet connection. 

Sportsurge claims to broadcast sports via HD-quality streams with no ads. Select the NCAA tab at the top right, and you'll see a list of NCAA games available. Also, set up notifications for any upcoming NCAA games. You can customize your viewing experience by choosing the commentator and commentary style.


Created by the founders of /r/NFLStreams, NFLBite came into being after the subreddit was banned by Reddit. They gather content from the web and ensure they are updated every week. You get videos, scores, schedules, and news all in one place. NFLBite is an aggregator site with an integrated and clean layout. 

Search for your favorite NCAA team and click on the game card. The streams are extensive and managed by people with more than five years of experience. You should be able to find any NCAA game you want through NFLBite. 


Stream2watch is another popular free online streaming site. They offer quality live feeds, streams, and broadcasts of many sports events. You can find a lot of types of sports here, including popular games such as soccer, basketball, hockey, baseball, tennis, and more. There are multiple streams, so chances are, you’ll have no problem with stream availability. 

There’s also the program schedule for upcoming events. To watch NCAA games, click the NFL/Football tab at the top. Stream2Watch doesn’t self-host the content; the links will direct you elsewhere. The ads are minimal and not intrusive. Like any other free streaming site, practice the necessary safety steps when streaming.


With StreamEast, you get live sports, sports coverage, upcoming events, news, and quality HD live sports streaming for free. They have various popular sports categories, such as soccer, basketball, American football, hockey, baseball, cricket, and more. You’ll find that each sports category has multiple free streams for you to choose from.

No registration is required, and using StreamEast is easy. Go to the NCAA tab at the top, and there will be a list of streams with the time and date mentioned. However, there are pop-ups and redirects when you click anywhere. Hence, take the necessary precautions when you stream.

Is Volokit Legal?

Volokit shows various NCAA and other sports from around the world. Although they disallow sharing of illegal stream links in the community, Volokit still allows access to copyrighted content. The thing is, most countries are particular when it comes to copyright infringement. They have strict copyright laws. 

Hence, if you stream content on Volokit in these countries, you are breaking the law and are liable to be prosecuted. That said, some countries do not enforce strict copyright compliances. Therefore, before you stream, check your country’s copyright laws.  

Wrapping Up

Sports have always been the favorite of many. After all, sports afford a unique and thrilling experience that any sports fan won’t want to miss any game. Hence, streaming services soar in demand. 

NCAA has always been in the limelight in the US, and now its popularity expands beyond American shores. If you’re craving some NCAA action, check out Volokit. However, be mindful to remain cautious and vigilant when streaming. 

Do the necessary and practice safe digital hygiene. You’d want a safe and seamless streaming experience.

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