NordLayer Takes Aim on the Business Sector

*NordLayer was originally released as NordVPN teams. The change in name is intended to reflect a more robust and comprehensive product specifically for businesses.

One of the most popular VPN services providers in the world, NordVPN, is now taking a shot at the business market with NordVPN Teams. This new solution designed for business clients looks towards the small and medium business segment with a full range of security and privacy features.

The cybersecurity landscape has grown increasingly perilous and thanks to the age of digital, both consumers and businesses find themselves at risk of data theft or worse. Thanks to borderless trade, small businesses now find themselves in greater need than ever of digital protection.

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One of the ways businesses users can better protect themselves is via VPN connections which can help them increase privacy and security online. NordVPN aims to be the provider of that protection with NordVPN Teams. According to Marty Kamden, CMO at NordVPN, for now, the company already has almost 15,000 business users worldwide.

Why Business Users Need a VPN

Many businesses use VPN services to try to ensure that anyone accessing their networks are (a) authorized to do so and (b) doing so over a secure connection. This helps them to increase the overall security of their corporate networks and safeguard their data at the same time. Key benefits to business users include;

Better security

Despite what some business owners may think, increased security isn't just the realm of big business. Today, everyone is a target and a compromise in cybersecurity can lead to much worse than financial loss. Brand damage from data leaks, theft, or loss, and more can bring down a small business just as easily as a large one.

By using VPN services you are not just creating secure connections but also encrypting any information that passes between you and the outside world. This includes files being transferred to Cloud storage or even when your apps communicate with outside sources.

Global Independence

If you or your employees find yourselves traveling a lot, bear in mind that some countries may have prohibitive Internet laws that may put a crimp on your communications. Places such as China have been known to heavily censor and control Internet activities.

Using a VPN connection you can gain geo-location Independence no matter where in the world you end up being. They can also help ensure you have access to your corporate networks no matter where you are.

Privacy is Affordable

These benefits and more can be available via a VPN service that doesn't cost all that much. A typical VPN account can go for as little as a few dollars a month for long-term plans and can handle multiple connections at the same time.

What Does NordVPN Teams Do?

Business solutions have traditionally been complicated and bogged down with excess baggage that grows with their popularity. With NordVPN Teams, the company aims to stay focused on their well-known easy-of-use approach.

The number of our business clients is growing every day, and we wanted to create a product that can better meet their needs and expectations. That's how NordVPN Teams was born,”
Marty Kamden, CMO, NordVPN

A major highlight in the application will be effective access management. NordVPN Teams will feature a control panel that will let business clients add team members, create user groups, assign dedicated gateways, manage permissions, select default servers for teams, and more.

NordVPN Teams will also be bringing what it is best known for to the table in the form of their rock-solid 256-bit military-grade encryption, Kill Switch, CyberSec, automatic connection on Wi-Fi networks, and NordVPN's excellent 24/7 customer support with a dedicated manager.

One difference between using a regular VPN and NordVPN Teams is that with the NordVPN solution, business users gain access to dedicated servers. These will assign fixed IP addresses for users each time they connect, making the system viable for connecting to corporate networks.

Dedicated IP addresses allow NordVPN Teams users to connect securely to corporate networks

Sign up For NordVPN Teams Now

The application is designed to be accessible for all major platforms and is currently going through the closed beta stage. The first public version is expected to launch later this year. For those interested, early access signup is available.

The VPN market is highly competitive and strong new players such as Surfshark have been making inroads in an already saturated market. Founded more than a decade ago in Panama, NordVPN is on the leading edge and is already used by more than 12 million customers worldwide.

NordVPN has long recognized increasing competition and has made real moves to diversify its product range. So far this year the company has already released two new tools; NordPass, a new-generation password manager, and NordLocker, a powerful file encryption tool. These tools will also be accessible to business clients as a bundle.

Nevertheless, its focus remains in the VPN market and it has worked hard to keep up with evolving technology. NordVPN is one of the few major VPN players to experiment with the exciting (but still under development) WireGuard protocol.

The protocol shows great promise in both security and performance and has already been adopted in a modified protocol framework by NordVPN in the form of NordLynx.


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  1. I have had the chance to test out NordVPN Teams early access and can say that is definitely a strong contender in the business VPN sector. Dedicated company gateways and control panels make it all the more comfortable to use a VPN in larger groups of staff members. I hope all business owners get to try when it officially launches!


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