Black Friday VPN Sale 2019 (Discounts of up to 92%)

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are always the hottest sales periods of the year. Why? Because that's when all the best deals come to light! If there's anything I've learn by now it's that when VPN folks offer a deal you can bet your bottom dollar that you're getting a massive discount.

VPNs have been around for some time now but it's only over the past few years that the spotlight has really been on. The digital world has been expanding like crazy. In today's connected world, everyone is connected and so is almost every device, from your smartphone to your fridge.

We've become so used to a free Internet that we never think twice about using it. Yet with each passing day, between threats to the privacy of our data and governments who think they can censor the Internet, our Internet freedoms come under siege.

Plan for the next few years ahead by taking advantage of this Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale to get the best deal on a VPN you can. Enjoy high discounts and get the best VPN deals at this time of year – right now!

Get VPN Discounts Now With these Great Black Friday Offers

Save up to 35% off ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN may not offer the largest discounts but you will still be getting a great deal on what is possibly the best VPN service ever to hit the market.

With a massive network of over 3,000 servers, you can be sure of secure connections at great speeds, anytime.

Stay safe with the best in the VPN business at 35% off now!

SurfShark is Offering up to 83% off!

Surfshark may not have the largest network but it does offer a great value proposition for those wanting a cheap, everyday use VPN.

It's flexible enough and has passed enough of our test to come though as a solid choice, especially with their steep 83% discount.

Save more by spending less on Surfshark now, from only $1.99 per month!

Pay as Little as $3.49 per month for NordVPN

NordVPN has been around for awhile now and it remains one of our top picks this year. They are offering a huge 70% discount off regular prices,

With over 5,000 servers covering a staggering number of countries, you can be sure of great speed and connectivity with NordVPN.

Grab this deal now and save up to 70%

Get as Much as 77% off Ivacy

Ivacy is based in Singapore so they know all about government censorship and offer a great way to work around it and stay safe online at the same time.

Secure as many as 5 devices at the same time by connecting to their global network of secure servers.

Grab your Ivacy subscription now for as little as $2.25 per month.

ProtonVPN is Offering Up to $72 Off Annual Plans

Based in Switzerland and housed in former military bunkers, ProtonVPN doesn't usually give steep discounts, but it is, after all, the Black Friday Sale!

Take advantage of their variable-tier pricing plans and save as much as $72 off an annual plan, depending on which tier you choose. Great option for the paranoid since you can make use of their Secure Core servers too.

Save 92% off FastestVPN Now

Although the name may sound bold and it can't quite offer the fastest speeds as far as VPNs go, FastestVPN does something else – offer a mind blowing deal.

With up to 92% off a subscription with them now you can save a great deal of money. It also makes a great family gift since up to 10 devices can use it at the same time.

Get FastestVPN for as little as 83 cents per month now!

Get Half Price on a TorGuard Subscription

TorGuard is built by file sharers for file sharers and it is one of the most secure in the business.

It's hard to get a great price from them but this season they are slashing prices by up to 50%, just for you.

Sign up today for only $6.95/mo and torrent to your heart's content.

“Government, Healthcare, and finance are still very “easy” targets. This isn't going to stop any time soon.”

 Aaron Zander, Head of IT, HackerOne

What a VPN Does For You

If you think that just an anti-virus application can keep you safe, you might have been right ten years ago. The Internet has become a much darker place since then and there are many more threats than just viruses and malware.

Today, Internet freedom is under siege and governments, commercial companies, and cyber criminals alike are all trying to catch you on the Internet. They all have their own agenda, from cover surveillance to data theft and mining.

By using a VPN you can stay secure and anonymous on the Internet and to be honest, the prices most service providers charge is a pittance for your peace of mind and security. By giving you access to secure servers, encrypting your data and routing your connection around the world, VPNs grant you a shield against prying eyes.

Because your connection is routed through servers in many location, you also get a side benefit and that's location spoofing. Some services restrict access or content depending on where you are, so using a VPN will allow you to bypass these geo-blocks as well.

Need ideas about what you can do with that? Stream Netflix content from any region, access Hulu, the BBC's iPlayer, and more! There's a ton of content out there just waiting for you to get at it for the year-end holidays.

Conclusion: Black Friday is the Ideal Time to Sign Up

Signing up for a VPN service is usually a long term commitment. The services usually offer extended contract periods and paying all that money up front can be hurt your wallet. That's why Black Friday Sales are the best time to sign up.

You could sign up for one month at a time, but those prices are usually prohibitively expensive. Take advantage of the steep discounts or even extended service months on VPN services now and you'll reap the benefits for the next few years.

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