5 Best Sites to Watch AFL Live Streams Online

The Australian Football League (AFL) usually runs in the Australian winter. Here we see 18 teams from over five of six states of Australia, excluding Tasmania. This year signals the 126th season of the AFL. The football games run from March to September end. and you can easily watch AFL Live streams online. 

For all you footy fans out there, the AFL games have started. If you are traveling or not a local Australian, do not fret, as modern technology has made it possible for us to watch any sports we want without cable TV.

The good news is that many options allow you to stream live and catch up with your favorite AFL games.

1. Watch AFL

AFL Live Streams - Watch AFL

Watch AFL is a joint operation between the AFL and FOX SPORTS, Australia’s leading producer of sports TV. It is a subscription-based international service that delivers AFL Live streams and on-demand replays. However, the content can only be viewed outside Australia and supports all devices, including mobile, tablets, desktops, and TVs. 

Additionally, you can catch up with the latest AFM news, analysis, and entertainment shows via the 24/7 FOX FOOTY Channel. All subscriptions allow you full access to all content. The fee you pay differs depending on the committed time. All subscriptions will auto-renew unless you cancel beforehand.   

Aside from the website version, Watch AFL is available via apps that support iOS, Android, Airplay, and Chromecast. Overall, the reviews gathered are mixed, with some praising this service sky high while others found the service not worth their money.

That said, Watch AFL is still a worthy service to get your dosage of AFL Live streams games.

Visit Watch AFL

2. 7plus (Channel 7)

AFL Live Streams - 7Plus

7plus is a video-on-demand and catch-up TV service run by Channel 7 (the number one Australian broadcast channel). Channel 7 is free on-air TV, made possible by advertising revenue if you reside in Australia. AFL Live streams, including the Grand Final, are available on Channel 7.

So, if you’re only interested in catching the Grand Final, you can still watch it on 7plus. The AFL Grand Final will be available in 720p HD on selected connected TVs, set-top boxes, and gaming console devices. 7plus supports web, iOS, Android devices, smart TVs, Chromecast, game consoles, and others.

However, you will need a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to overcome geo-restrictions to comply with the necessary copyright.  

Visit the 7Plus AFL Channel

3. Watch AFL on Kayo Sports

AFL Live Streams - Kayo Sports

You won’t go wrong with Kayo Sports as they have a massive following for all popular Aussie sports. With Kayo Sports, you can watch AFL Live streams anytime, anywhere via your favorite devices – desktop, Android and iOS devices, smart TVs, and others. 

You can catch all 2022 Toyota AFL Premiership Season matches live and on-demand before the Grand Final Live. The Grand Final is available on-demand only on Kayo Sports. Only Channel 7 has the live broadcast rights to the Grand Final. Also, you get to watch all the 2022 AFL pre-season scratch matches live and on-demand on Kayo Sports. 

Also, their streaming comes with unique features such as SplitView (watching multiple streams at a time), going straight to the key moments, and hiding scores, so there are no spoilers. 

Kayo’s pricing is reasonable given that you can access Fox Sports, ESPN, and other channels. Their three monthly subscriptions range from $18/month, $20/month, and $25/month. They differ only in the number of simultaneous streams available. You can head towards their 14-days free trial to check things out before committing to any plan.

Visit the AFL Channel on Kayo Sports

4. Free AFL Live Streams on FS.freestreams


Another great place to stream AFL games live is FS.freestreams, where you can find the games you want to watch via several channels such as AFL TV, Fox, BT Sport, and others. FS.freestreams maintains that they do not host or upload any files/streams as they are merely aggregators of files/streams obtained from the internet. 

The site does not require you to download and install anything. Just click the channel you want, and you’re all set. However, be careful of ads and pop-ups as you will find them on this site. Hence, use an ad-blocker and make sure you have your antivirus on. 

Finally, remember to turn on your VPN to ensure that you stream safely at all times.

Watch AFL for Free on FS.freestreams

5. Foxtel's AFL Channel


Foxtel is a premium brand that allows you to watch live channels and on-demand videos from local and international genres. They cover drama, entertainment, movies, sports, news, documentaries, and reality shows. Using their Foxtel GO app, you can stream anywhere within Australia via your desktop or any compatible iOS or Android device.

However, if you wish to access Foxtel GO from outside Australia. Foxtel's pricing is high, starting from as low as $53 for the Sports plan. Many seem to lean towards Kayo Sports as it is cheaper, and you enjoy similar sports games and features. That said, Foxtel is still a solid streaming platform to get your fix of AFL Live Streams.

get the Best of AFL on Foxtel

Stream AFL Games Live Safely from Anywhere

You could either be a hard-core fan of all football leagues or want to shake things up by watching something different. Whatever it is, you will want to know where are the best go-to places whenever you need to satiate your fever for AFL Live Streams. 

Technological advancement has spoiled us for good as we now have the means to watch anything we want on the go. You can be traveling, or you may be overseas on a business trip. It does not matter, as you can access the games anywhere and anytime. 

The only issue is that such streaming sites are often unavailable where you are due to copyright concerns, and only specific content is available in certain regions. Hence, you must have a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to access such geo-blocked websites. 

Using a VPN to Watch AFL Live Streams

NordVPN Banner Ad

If you’re an avid streaming fan, a VPN is a must. It secures your internet connection via an encrypted tunnel and safeguards your privacy online. Hence, your browsing and streaming become more private and secure. A VPN masks your IP so that your anonymity is assured; this allows you to bypass the geo-restrictions put in place by content providers due to copyright issues. 

All you have to do is connect to a VPN server in the country of the sports streaming site or any region that has access rights. You will dupe the streaming site into believing you are connecting from that very country. As such, you can access the geo-blocked streaming site. 

A VPN is an essential tool that allows you to access any content online despite your location. Also, you need a VPN to secure and protect your privacy, especially when streaming from a free sports streaming site. Remember to engage a trusted and reputable VPN. 

Best AFL Games of All Time

The dream of every AFL player is to obtain the AFL Premiership Cup. They would then feel that every kick, drop of sweat, and injury would be worth it. Every footy fan would root and cheer for their teams, anticipating the Grand Final. However, while we wait for the 2022 Grand Final to commence, let us look through the best AFL games of all time:

Sydney Swans vs. West Coast (2005)

Reputed as the highest-rated AFL game of all time, this is a classic game as the Sydney Swans had never won a Premiership since 1933, and they managed to seal the deal due to a last-minute four-point margin which certainly puts that icing on the cake.  

West Coast vs. Collingwood (2018)

A very close and non-stop excitement in this high-profile Grand Final game; the 2018 Premiership wrestled back the ball control during the third quarter of the game. Everyone thought Collingwood would have taken the title due to its dominance in the first half of the game. However, the game took a turn when the West Coast Eagles made a solid comeback during the final minutes.

Collingwood vs. St.Kilda (2010)

Footy fans would claim this game was a roller coaster when it ‘ended’ with a tie-breaker at 68 points for each team. Fans sat at the edge of their seats until the final siren rang. Neither team was able to claim victory. The teams went head to head in another game; Collingwood defeated St. Kilda by 56 points. This game motivated the introduction of extra time whenever a draw happens.

Western Bulldogs vs. Sydney Swans (2016)

A typical underdog story, this 2016 Grand Final saw the Bulldogs persistently fighting to end their 62-year Premiership drought. From the many moments of intriguing moves to injuries, this game saw the Bulldogs moving to become the year's top dog.

Richmond vs. Adelaide (2017)

The 2017 AFL Grand Final showcases the persistence and perseverance of a team against its rival. Richmond united and pushed hard to win against the Crows, bringing a memorable and glorious victory.

2022 AFL Upcoming Games Schedule

AFL GameDate
Adelaide Crows vs. West Coast Eagles3rd June
Fremantle vs. Brisbane Lions3rd June
Gold Coast SUNS vs. North Melbourne3rd June
Hawthorn vs. Collingwood3rd June
Melbourne vs. Sydney Swans3rd June
Western Bulldogs vs. Geelong Cats3rd June
Brisbane Lions vs. St Kilda10th June
Collingwood vs. Melbourne10th June
Essendon vs. Carlton10th June
Fremantle vs. Hawthorn10th June
North Melbourne vs. GWS GIANTS10th June
Richmond vs. Port Adelaide10th June
Gold Coast SUNS vs. Adelaide Crows17th June
GWS GIANTS vs. Western Bulldogs17th June
Port Adelaide vs. Sydney Swans17th June
Richmond vs. Carlton17th June
St Kilda vs. Essendon17th June
West Coast Eagles vs. Geelong Cats17th June
Carlton vs. Fremantle24th June
Collingwood vs. GWS GIANTS24th June
Geelong Cats vs. Richmond24th June
Melbourne vs. Brisbane Lions24th June
North Melbourne vs. Adelaide Crows24th June
Port Adelaide vs. Gold Coast SUNS24th June
Sydney Swans vs. St Kilda24th June
West Coast Eagles vs. Essendon24th June
Western Bulldogs vs. Hawthorn24th June
Adelaide Crows vs. Melbourne1st July
Brisbane Lions vs. Western Bulldogs1st July
Carlton vs. St Kilda1st July
Essendon vs. Sydney Swans1st July
Fremantle vs. Port Adelaide1st July
Geelong Cats vs. North Melbourne1st July
Gold Coast SUNS vs. Collingwood1st July
GWS GIANTS vs. Hawthorn1st July
Richmond vs. West Coast Eagles1st July
Brisbane Lions vs. Essendon8th July
Collingwood vs. North Melbourne8th July
Geelong Cats vs. Melbourne8th July
Gold Coast SUNS vs. Richmond8th July
Hawthorn vs. Adelaide Crows8th July
Port Adelaide vs. GWS GIANTS8th July
St Kilda vs. Fremantle8th July
Sydney Swans vs. Western Bulldogs8th July
West Coast Eagles vs. Carlton8th July
Adelaide Crows vs. Collingwood15th July
Carlton vs. Geelong Cats15th July
Essendon vs. Gold Coast SUNS15th July
Fremantle vs. Sydney Swans15th July
GWS GIANTS vs. Brisbane Lions15th July
Hawthorn vs. West Coast Eagles15th July
Melbourne vs. Port Adelaide15th July
North Melbourne vs. Richmond15th July
Western Bulldogs vs. St Kilda15th July
Brisbane Lions vs. Gold Coast SUNS22nd July
Carlton vs. GWS GIANTS22nd July
Collingwood vs. Essendon22nd July
North Melbourne vs. Hawthorn Blundstone22nd July
Port Adelaide vs. Geelong Cats22nd July
Richmond vs. Fremantle22nd July
Sydney Swans vs. Adelaide Crows22nd July
West Coast Eagles vs. St Kilda22nd July
Western Bulldogs vs. Melbourne22nd July
Adelaide Crows vs. Carlton29th July
Collingwood vs. Port Adelaide29th July
Essendon vs. North Melbourne29th July
Fremantle vs. Melbourne29th July
Geelong Cats vs. Western Bulldogs29th July
Gold Coast SUNS vs. West Coast Eagles29th July
Richmond vs. Brisbane Lions29th July
St Kilda vs. Hawthorn29th July
Sydney Swans vs. GWS GIANTS29th July
Brisbane Lions vs. Carlton5th Aug
Geelong Cats vs. St Kilda5th Aug
GWS GIANTS vs. Essendon5th Aug
Hawthorn vs. Gold Coast SUNS5th Aug
Melbourne vs. Collingwood5th Aug
North Melbourne vs. Sydney Swans5th Aug
Port Adelaide vs. Richmond5th Aug
West Coast Eagles vs. Adelaide Crows5th Aug
Western Bulldogs vs. Fremantle5th Aug
Adelaide Crows vs. North Melbourne12th Aug
Essendon vs. Port Adelaide12th Aug
Fremantle vs. West Coast Eagles12th Aug
Gold Coast SUNS vs. Geelong Cats12th Aug
Melbourne vs. Carlton12th Aug
Richmond vs. Hawthorn12th Aug
St Kilda vs. Brisbane Lions12th Aug
Sydney Swans vs. Collingwood12th Aug
Western Bulldogs vs. GWS GIANTS12th Aug
Brisbane Lions vs. Melbourne19th Aug
Carlton vs. Collingwood19th Aug
Essendon vs. Richmond19th Aug
Geelong Cats vs. West Coast Eagles19th Aug
GWS GIANTS vs. Fremantle19th Aug
Hawthorn vs. Western Bulldogs19th Aug
North Melbourne vs. Gold Coast SUNS19th Aug
Port Adelaide vs. Adelaide Crows19th Aug
St Kilda vs. Sydney Swans19th Aug


The Australian Football League (AFL) is the professional men's competition in Australian football and has garnered many fans locally and overseas. Remember to tune in and satiate your thirst for football in this 126th season of the AFL.

Footy fans, don’t forget to turn on your VPNs so that you enjoy no disruptions while cheering for your teams.

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