How to Watch Wizards vs Warriors Online

The Golden State Warriors and the Washington Wizards may not share a storied rivalry, but each encounter delivers its own excitement. Sling TV presents itself as a leading contender for fans eager to catch every strategic play and explosive dunk.

Streaming platforms have revolutionized how we watch sports, providing more options to catch live NBA games. With its customizable packages, Sling TV stands out for its affordability and flexibility, making it a fan favorite for basketball enthusiasts nationwide. 

Whether you’re cheering from the East Coast or the West Coast, follow along as we lay out the process of using Sling TV to keep up with every game between the Wizards and the Warriors.

Finding Wizards vs Warriors Games on Sling TV

Sling TV NBA

Navigating to the Wizards vs Warriors games on Sling TV is easy. The interface is designed with simplicity, allowing users to find live sports broadcasts quickly. 

Once you’re on Sling TV, you can search for the NBA game you’re looking to watch or browse the sports category for the upcoming schedule. Sling TV also offers features like game reminders and the ability to favorite your teams. 

With the ability to access Sling TV on multiple devices, you can set up your viewing experience at home on your smart TV or stream on the go with your smartphone or tablet.

Wizards vs Warriors 2023/2024 Season Schedule

The NBA calendar is always filled with excitement, and for fans of the Wizards and Warriors, knowing when these teams face off is crucial for planning your viewing schedule. 

The 2023/2024 NBA season brings several opportunities to see these teams in action against each other, with games sure to feature a mix of rising talent and seasoned expertise.

Upcoming Lakers vs Celtics Games:

  • 22 Dec 2023, 10 pm Eastern Time
  • 27 Feb 2024, 7 pm Eastern Time

Fans need to note these dates, as each game could have significant implications for playoff standings and, of course, for the pride of each team. 

Whether you're a die-hard fan or a casual viewer, the electricity in the arena during these games is palpable, even through the screen.

How to Sign Up for Sling TV

Getting started with Sling TV is a simple process. You can sign up directly through the Sling TV website. You'll want to ensure that your package includes ESPN and TNT for Wizards vs. Warriors games.

Sling TV often offers introductory deals or bundled packages that can include premium channels and sports networks at a discounted rate. When signing up, look for these promotions to get the most value from your subscription. 

Additionally, Sling TV doesn't require a long-term commitment, so you can try it out month-to-month and see if it fits your NBA viewing needs.

Use a VPN if You're Outside The US

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Suppose you're a fan of the NBA living outside the US. In that case, you'll quickly discover that accessing Sling TV directly will result in geo-blocking when content is unavailable based on your geographic location. 

This is where a Virtual Private Network (VPN) becomes essential.

A VPN allows you to connect to the internet via a server in a different country—in this case, the US. This masks your location and makes it appear like you're browsing from within the United States, thus bypassing Sling TV's geoblocks. 

Beyond providing access to content, a VPN also encrypts your internet traffic, ensuring privacy and security online.

How to Sign Up for Sling TV with a VPN

  • Choose a Reliable VPN Provider
  • Download and Install the VPN
  • Connect to a US Server
  • Create a Sling TV Account
  • Start Streaming

Alternative Platforms to Watch Wizards vs Warriors Online

While Sling TV is a robust platform for catching the Wizards vs Warriors games, other services are available for streaming NBA content. Each platform provides its own set of features and benefits, catering to different viewer needs.

NBA TV: The Dedicated Fan’s Platform

NBA TV offers league-wide coverage for those who breathe basketball, including live Wizards vs Warriors games, on their dedicated channel. As an add-on with Sling TV or a standalone service, NBA TV is perfect for those who don’t want to miss any of the action.

TNT: Big Games and Big Moments

TNT is renowned for broadcasting marquee NBA games, often featuring high-profile matchups like Wizards vs Warriors. Available through Sling TV's packages, TNT brings the drama of NBA basketball to your living room with their “NBA on TNT” nights.

League Pass and Regional Sports Networks

NBA League Pass is an excellent option for out-of-market games or following a team from another city. It allows you to watch games from around the league, subject to blackout restrictions. Regional sports networks are also available through other platforms.

Final Thoughts

Sling TV is a prime destination for NBA fans wanting to catch all the Wizards vs Warriors action. Its mix of live sports channels, streaming quality, and user-friendly experience makes it a top pick for the basketball season. 

Alternative platforms like NBA TV and TNT offer a bounty of choices. Fans can follow each play, every game, and all the thrilling moments these dynamic teams deliver.

Sling TV and its counterparts ensure a premier court-side experience, anytime, anywhere. They capture all the basketball action you desire.

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