What is APKPure and is APKPure Safe?

Lately, the spotlight has shone on malicious apps in the Google Play Store. The situation has inevitably cast a shadow on alternatives like APKPure. After all, if the official source flounders, the question of “is APKPure safe?” will lie in many minds.

What is APKPure, and is it Safe?

APKPure is an app repository that works like a Google Play Store alternative. It's available as a website and app, allowing for easy access. Developers don't need their apps to undergo stringent app vetting processes and can almost immediately list them on the APKPure repository.

However, this process leaves many wondering if APKPure and the available apps are safe. While there's no firm answer, the general understanding is that APKPure has a significant potential to increase the risk to mobile devices.

Advantages of Using APKPure

There are advantages and disadvantages to most propositions. It is the same in the case of APKPure, and this repository does come with some benefits.

Widely Available to Everyone

Aside from being available on the web and as an app, APKPure is not subject to many of Google's restrictions. For example, it can be a viable app source for those with mobile devices that don't allow the use of the Google Play Store.

Newer Isn't Always Better

The Google Play Store only allows a single app version. While that is logical, some users may have issues with the latest versions. Allowing downloads of older app versions can benefit a small group of users affected by this scenario.

Greater Variety of Apps

Again, due to lax governance, APKPUre can field a much broader range of apps than official sources. You may be able to find apps to do things that aren't available or easily found on the official Play Store or App Store.

Risks of Using APKPure

Several risk factors make using APKPure pose a significant danger to its users. While these risks don't mean a definite hack of your device, the threat increases as you download and install more apps from APKPure.

Unrestricted Access to Developers

Unlike the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, APKPure doesn't vet apps comprehensively. It is in APKPure's interest to get as many apps online as possible. While its basic vetting can catch some simple dangers, complex threats online today can easily bypass these checks.

Outdated Apps

APKPure does not always field the newest version of official apps. You can also find some outdated apps or even those of varying versions. The result is that nobody knows for sure if they're getting an app that poses a high risk of security compromise.

APKPure is an Unofficial Source

Since APKPure isn't an official Google source, some primary developers may not list their apps here. There is a risk of third parties uploading hacked versions of authorized apps and masquerading as being the original version. 

Poor Security Track Record

Even the APKPure app itself included Malware. Notably, in 2021, APKPure version 3.17.18 came with an advertisement SDK with a Trojan. Several leading cybersecurity companies documented the incident. 

How to Use APKPure Safely

While it is possible to use APKPure somewhat safely, the process is generally tedious and places a great deal of responsibility on individual users. It's also not guaranteed that taking precautions is sufficient to remain safe while using APKPure.

If you need to use APKPure, increase your safety profile by;

  • Using a mobile security app.
  • Knowing which apps are from official app developers.
  • Paying attention to current app versions.
  • Limiting the number of apps downloaded.

Always be cautious when using APKPure and verify version numbers, developers, and app names with various authoritative sources.

Important Note: Some websites list APKPure as being safe to use. However, these are in the minority, and most cybersecurity companies advise against using unofficial sources like APKPure.

Is APKPure Legal?

Using APKPure is legal even if it isn't sanctioned by Google or permitted on the Play Store. All you need to do is head to the APKPure website, download the app, and install it on your device. However, be aware that there is illegal content on APKPure, such as hacked versions of official apps.

Using these is illegal and poses a significant risk to your device. Also, note that APKPure also does not impose age restrictions. Because of that, minors may be able to access content unsuitable for them. Parents and guardians should note this and be vigilant.

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What to Do If You Get Infected With Mobile Malware

If you think your device has Malware, the first thing to do is to try and download a security app to verify this. Search the Google Play store for a cybersecurity application from a reputable company like Norton, Malwarebytes, or Avira.

Run a scan, and if the app detects any infection, simply follow its instructions. However, this won't always be possible, and some Malware can prevent cybersecurity apps from detecting or removing them.

Other methods you can try include;

  • Uninstalling Suspicious Apps.
  • Forcing Suspicious Apps to Stop.
  • Doing a Factory Reset.

Backup and restore features are essential aspects of risk mitigation. Keep a backup of your data before downloading apps from risky sources like APKPure.


Over the years, we have seen significant growth in the number of threats affecting mobile devices. Kaspersky noted over 3,464,756 malicious installation packages in 2021 alone. Ignoring security best practices by using workaround solutions like APKPure can be dangerous.

Data corruption can be the least of your problems if your device gets infected. Stolen data is an even greater risk, and you may find yourself subject to everything from financial loss to identity theft.


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