AdGuard VPN Review: Basic, But Good for Streaming

AdGuard VPN emerges as a notable contender in the realm of digital protection. Priding itself on being “Safe. Unnoticed. Free.”, AdGuard VPN offers up to 3 GB of free VPN traffic every month, ensuring users can enjoy their digital experience without constant interruptions​​. 

One of its standout features is its ability to break through digital boundaries, giving users unrestricted access to content from any corner of the globe​. 

AdGuard VPN Specifications

HQ JurisdictionCyprus
No-logs PolicyYes
P2P SupportYes
Simultaneous Connections10
Works in ChinaYes
Lowest Price$2.99/mo
AdGuard VPN
AdGuard is fast, relatively cheap, and quite capable.

AdGuard VPN Review

As with all tools that promise to safeguard our online presence, it's vital to understand its depth, functionality, and reliability. Join me as I dive deep into the world of AdGuard VPN to uncover its true potential.

Speed & Performance

Overall, it promises its users high speeds and the capability to navigate the globe virtually. After delving into various reviews and performance tests, the brand stands out, with several tests achieving high speeds.

In regions like Europe, specifically countries such as the Netherlands, Germany, and the UK, it managed to maintain at least 90% of the original download and upload speeds. Yet, when connected to servers located farther away, a more pronounced speed decline was noted.

For context, another top-tier VPN, ExpressVPN, maintained around 70% of download speeds in the US while AdGuard's speed hovered closer to the 30% mark. 

Privacy & Security

AdGuard VPN firmly upholds user privacy through its strict no-logs policy. This ensures that users' online activities, whether browsing history, IP address, or other online actions, remain unrecorded and confidential. 

With 256-bit AES encryption, this VPN employs one of the highest security standards. This level of encryption is trusted worldwide by security experts and governments alike, ensuring the protection of sensitive data​2​.

A crucial feature that boosts security credentials is the kill switch. This feature acts as a safety net, instantly disabling your internet connection if the VPN connection is interrupted, thereby preventing potential data leaks​.

Streaming & Geo-unblocking

AdGuard VPN stands out with its exceptional ability to unblock major streaming platforms.  The brand focuses on providing seamless streaming experiences, thus gaining fans who prioritize access to Netflix, Hulu, or other content.

Supported Streaming Platforms include:

  • Netflix: AdGuard VPN not only unblocks Netflix but also provides access to various regional libraries, including the US, UK, Japan, Canada, and the Netherlands.
  • Disney Plus, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and Amazon Prime Video: These platforms are easily accessible, ensuring users enjoy their favorite content without geographical restrictions.

AdGuard VPN ensures a smooth streaming experience with many users able to watch content without any buffering or interruptions. However, the streaming quality may vary based on the server location due to potential speed variations.

Advanced Server Obfuscation

Much of its capabilities in this area revolve around advanced obfuscation techniques. That makes the service much more challenging to detect and block. This feature benefits users who want to bypass restrictive firewalls or access content in censorship-heavy countries.

Torrenting Support and Capabilities

AdGuard VPN is on board with users who want to use uTorrent securely and anonymously. The service gives a thumbs up for downloading P2P on all its servers. You can jump into your uTorrent or BitTorrent app, knowing your IP address is hidden.

But here's a heads-up: while it allows torrenting, it has no soft spot for illegal downloads​​.

Unlike some VPN giants that offer dedicated servers optimized for torrenting, AdGuard VPN doesn't go down that lane. They don't have specific servers labeled for P2P, but that doesn't mean you can't torrent safely. 

Safe P2P Operational Jurisdiction

AdGuard VPN operates from Cyprus, a safe jurisdiction free from prying 14 Eyes intelligence-sharing alliances. Add to that, it doesn't keep any activity or connection logs. This combo ensures that even if they get a knock on the door asking for user data, they'd have zilch to hand over.

AdGuard VPN Plans & Pricing

AdGuard VPN offers several pricing tiers tailored to various needs and budgets:

Monthly Plan$11.99/mo
1-Year Plan$3.99/mo
2-Year Plan$2.99/mo

It's also noteworthy that license keys here are universal, meaning they function across multiple devices and platforms, including Windows, MacOS, Android, and iOS.

When you stack AdGuard VPN against big names like ExpressVPN and NordVPN, it holds up well. For comparison, even on extended subscriptions, ExpressVPN costs about $6.67/mo while NordVPN costs around $3.79/mo.

Our Unbiased Opinion on AdGuard VPN

AdGuard, known for its proficiency in the ad-blocking realm, has integrated its expertise into its VPN offering. This integration means that users not only enjoy protection against potential online threats but also from intrusive ads and trackers​​.

Despite its commendable security offerings, there are areas where it could enhance features. The absence of RAM-only servers and the lack of an independent audit for its no-logs policy are points that prospective users should be aware of​.

Should You Pay for AdGuard VPN?

If we're after a VPN that offers a balance of streaming capabilities and privacy features and doesn't break the bank, then we'd consider it. But if you're super tech-savvy and looking for the most advanced features, consider your options.

Final Thoughts

Whether you're streaming your favorite shows, safeguarding your online privacy, or looking for wallet-friendly plans, AdGuard VPN has much going for it. Sure, like all things, there's room for improvement, but it's a strong contender in the crowded VPN arena. 

If you're considering a new VPN or switching, AdGuard VPN is worth a shot. Happy browsing, and always remember to stay safe out there.

Timothy Shim

Tim is a former tech journalist turned web technology junkie. He spends his time exploring the best in digital privacy and security tools. Meanwhile, experiments with SEO continue to increase his blood pressure. ( Contact Tim on Linkedin )

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