Best Neflix VPN | 2022 Update

Netflix can be a huge source of entertainment but unfortunately, content differs depending on where in the world you are. The Best Netflix VPN Netflix list is meant to help you overcome that so that everyone paying the same price can access the same media content.

VPNs are mainly intended to help you stay anonymous and safeguard your data online, but they can also help you bypass blocked content. In the case of Netflix, this means that by using a VPN you can access all their content from anywhere around the world.

We've tested multiple VPNs and some of them work well with Netflix while others don't. These are the 5 Best VPN services for stable access to Netflix content anywhere in the world. With any of these VPN services, you will be able to;

Access ANY Netflix content from anywhere
Workaround other geo-location blocked content
Stream high quality 4K Videos
Stay safe, secure, and anonymous online

Best Netflix VPN Roundup

Best Choice for Netflix Streaming

1. NordVPN

NordVPN comes with all the features you need to watch your favorite shows on Netflix. It has apps for different platforms including Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS. You can also use it on your PC or Mac by downloading the app directly from NordVPN’s website.

The service comes with an easy-to-use interface that allows you to connect quickly and start streaming your favorite shows in no time at all. One of the best things about using the service is that it offers high speeds which means you get smooth playback even when you stream HD content from Netflix or Amazon Prime Video!

NordVPN has long been a favorite of ours for so many reasons. It is a well-known top-tier VPN that has proven its performance for a long time now. That doesn't mean that it's an antique since Nord has kept up with the times and continually improved on its service.

It is a delight to stream video content on NordVPN, and not just from Netflix either. You can easily access almost any geo-locked video streaming content with this service such as the movies on the BBC's iPlayer. Nord is another VPN service that offers great value for money.

Pros of NordVPNCons of NordVPN
Works awesomely with Netflix Price increased a little recently
Huge number of servers
Works on many types of devices
Comes at a good price

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2. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is an excellent choice for Netflix users, as it offers a reliable service with a number of different servers to choose from. It also provides top-notch customer support 24/7. ExpressVPN's network is fast and stable, which means you'll get HD-quality streams without buffering or lag.

The company has more than 3,000 servers in 94 countries, making it easy for users to access foreign Netflix libraries. ExpressVPN also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. That means you can try out the service risk-free for a month, and if you don't like it, you can get your money back.

ExpressVPN also maintains a strict no-logs policy and keeps no records of users’ activity. It uses military-grade encryption to protect your data from hackers and government agencies. It boasts a user-friendly interface and has dedicated apps for multiple platforms.

Pros of ExpressVPNCons of ExpressVPN
Strong performanceSlightly expensive
Overcomes geo-blocks for streaming
Good security features
Excellent support

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3. Surfshark

Surfshark is a VPN that was built for streaming. It's the perfect way to access Netflix from anywhere in the world. It's extremely fast, so even if you're watching in HD, you'll still be able to stream without any buffering issues or laggy playback.

With Surfshark, it is possible to bypass the Netflix regional content restrictions almost entirely. That gives you access to Netflix content from anywhere in the world without having any problems whatsoever.

Surfshark is one of the best VPN providers available in the market today. It is not just a standard VPN but also has many unique features that make it stand out from its competitors. It's not only great with Netflix but works with many steaming alternatives like Hulu, Disney Plus, and the BBC iPlayer.

It has also include strong security features and does not keep any logs so there is no way for anyone else besides yourself to see what websites you visited or what content was downloaded through their service.

Pros of SurfsharkCons of Surfshark
Good at streaming NetflixIndustry n00b
Regularly updated
Excellent price for what you get
Fast speeds

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How to Watch Netflix with VPN?

The best thing about using a VPN with Netflix is that most of them will simply work automatically. As long as your VPN is active, you can stream any Netflix movies that are valid in the region of the VPN server you connect to.

Since you adopt the ‘location' of the VPN server you connect to, you can access more video streaming content. Providers like Netflix often restrict content access to certain geographic locations while others vary the content that is available to users from different regions.

An example of the former is the BBC's iPlayer which requires you to be in the UK in order to work. Netflix will let you watch movies based on the region that it detects you to be in.

For the fans of freebies, we have a list of Best Free VPN services, but a word of caution – these are only useful for occasional connections. Most, if not all free VPN services won't let you stream Netflix properly. Even if they work the coverage will likely be so bad that you'll be screaming in frustration.

Get More Netflix Content With a VPN

More notably though is the extremely popular video streaming service Netflix. While it is a fantastic source of entertainment, not everyone has equal access to the movies it has. For example, Netflix users in the US can watch more than 1,700 TV shows and over 4,000 movies.

Its Asia-region subscribers access by country to country but generally only get access to a fraction of that. Netflix subscribers in Singapore, for example, can view less than 200 TV shows and just under 500 movie titles.

Netflix content availability differs a lot by country (Source: Finder)

Yet in terms of pricing, Netflix customers pay almost the same price. The Netflix US Basic Plan costs $8.99 per month while its subscribers in Malaysia are charged RM 33 ( the equivalent of roughly $7,90) for the same.

For that negligible difference in cost that is applied almost universally worldwide, Netflix is actually shorting its customers almost everywhere except in the US. To get an idea of the scope of how widely content access differs, check out the list that finder has developed to look for where your country stands.

Netflix Will Try and Block VPN Users

By now you've probably realized that Netflix really doesn't want people using VPNs to access their content. To be honest, it's more a legality thing for them and the content they offer than anything else.

Because of this, they actively scan all incoming connections to try and detect VPN users. These they will block from watching movies using the platform. For this reason, there are many VPN services that actually will not work with Netflix.

Don't assume that just because a VPN is expensive or hyped up it will definitely work with Netflix. We've tested many brand names that have done a poor job of working past the Netflix proxy / VPN block.

We highly recommend you choose one of those that are on this list as they have proven the most resilient against Netflix so far.

Why Use a VPN for Netflix?

Netflix may not be on the top of your personal priority list, but research has shown that children today are increasingly drawn to the Internet for music and video streaming. According to a study by Kaspersky, kids are using the Internet to stream popular movies like Game of Thrones and Avengers.

For families, this raises the question of privacy and security for the family rather than just the individual. Thanks to the multi-connection capabilities of most VPN services, you can secure many devices with just a single account.

Choosing the Right VPN for Netflix

Although many of the top VPNs in the market can help you access Netflix content, not all of them are equal. We're tried each of these VPNs extensively and found that some are still more stable than others (hence, a ranking).

As an example of this, we pitted two VPNs against each other for Netflix access – Surfshark and Ivacy. While Ivacy was able to offer us Netflix streaming, there were times when for some reason or other the content stopped and it took a while to re-connect. Surfshark on the other hand was stable and we could simply leave the connection on and resume a Netflix movie at any time, even the next day.

The reason for this is likely that different VPNs handle how Netflix tries to block them in different ways. Some are simply more efficient than others. Of course, streaming Netflix isn't the only thing a VPN is useful for, so factor that into your decision as well.

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