Best VPNs for Torrenting – Tried and Tested for 2024

If you enjoy torrenting then it’s likely that the topic of Best VPNs for torrenting has come up before. Some countries block access to torrenting sites while in others, Internet Service Providers (ISP) might monitor usage. There are simply too many dangers and obstacles to torrent safely without the use of a VPN.

I also understand that many people enjoy free VPN services, but it’s also worth noting that many of them can in fact be unsafe to use. Top-rated service providers like NordVPN not only charge very reasonable prices, but even have specially optimized P2P servers for torrenting.

Having tested many others as well, I feel that only a handful of them make the cut as best VPN for Torrenting;

Best VPNs for Torrenting

  1. NordVPN
  2. ExpressVPN
  3. Surfshark
  4. TorGuard
  5. ProtonVPN

Are there Torrenting Limitations?

The VPNs on our list all offer unrestricted torrenting on their servers. The main difference is that some may have special servers that you need to connect with in order to enjoy faster P2P speeds. In fact, TorGuard was originally established specially for the P2P community.

The Best VPNs for Torrenting (2020 Update)

1. NordVPN

NordVPN - Best VPN for Torrenting

NordVPN is one of the best in the business and has been around long enough to build up a solid track record. It offers one of the best price-performance rations among top-tier VPN service providers. The best part is that it’s agile all around and suitable for many different uses.

It has been a favourite of mine for a long time now and what we’ve observed is that it has only gotten better over time. So many service providers slack off after a while that users who sign on for extended periods get disappointed. That won’t be the case of NordVPN.

When it comes to P2P traffic you can tell that NordVPN takes care of all its customers. Knowing that P2P traffic is data-heavy, the have specially optimized server to handle your torrents. Don’t worry about fewer servers though – there are hundreds of optimized servers. No IP leaks, no bandwidth throttling, and full encryption always! (Full Review)

Price: Get NordVPN from as low as $4.13/mo

2. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN - Solid Choice for Torrenting

ExpressVPN has often clashed with NordVPN for top spot on many lists because it too is simply one of the best around. The key difference is that ExpressVPN comes at a significantly higher price point. Depending on your needs, you must decide for yourself if it’s worth the price.

In terms of performance however, it is also a solid all-rounder that offers strong encryption and excellent speeds. There are also less likely to be glitches with any other applications you’re running on your machine.

From video streaming to Torrenting, ExpressVPN is excellent at everything it does. You can torrent on any of their servers, so your choice of location is truly your own. (Full Review)

Price: Get ExpressVPN from as low as $8.32/mo

3. Surfshark


Surfshark has only been in the VPN business for less than two years but has quickly become the upstart of the business. Its strong all-round capabilities have coupled nicely with an aggressive pricing system that makes it so very attractive to users.

We’ve been on a Surfshark connection for over a year now and while there are small glitches here and there it has performed admirably. There is a small weakness in it when it comes to customer service, but generally if you’re patient, someone will guide you through any problems you might have.

When it comes to P2P, you can use any of the servers on Surfshark but speeds are a little sub-par compared to NordVPN and ExpressVPN. Still, for the price you pay and otherwise superb performance, many would be willing to accept it ‘as is’. (Full Review)

Price: Get Surfshark from as low as $1.99/mo

4. TorGuard


TorGuard is a personal favourite of mine simply because of my love of P2P. However, it isn’t cheap and doesn’t come with the modern ultra-sleek app packaging that many newer players today sport. This makes it less popular with the younger generation.

The good news when it comes to torrenting though is that as far as I know, this is one of a handful of VPNs that were designed around the premise of supporting file sharing! Another point that works in their favour is excellent support from their highly trained and experienced customer service reps.

Price: Get TorGuard from as low as $4.99/mo

5. ProtonVPN


Founded in 2014 in CERN, ProtonVPN may be Euro based but at least it has a strong core of servers that sits outside most uptight jurisdictions. They started out with a service called ProtonMail and wanted to help keep activists and journalists safe.

Today ProtonVPN has joined the security scene as a VPN service providers. Its rise has been ongoing for some time now, although nowhere near the likes of the other top-tier service providers we see on this list.

Like NordVPN, ProtonVPN restricts P2P to a couple of dedicated torrenting servers. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have the network power of NordVPN so you may have to put up with a smaller handful of P2P servers. (Full Review)

Price: Get ProtonVPN from as low as $4/mo

Why Use a VPN for Torrents?

Many years ago, I recall a close friend of mine receiving a warning letter from his ISP because he downloaded a copyright protected movie using torrent software. This means that in some cases, your ISP is watching everything you do.

If that isn’t creepy enough, the age of mobile has seen the rise of so many cyberthreats that staying safe online today can be a challenge. There’s everything from sites that add trackers to your computers to weird malware called stalkerware.

Using a VPN helps not just mask your actual location, but it sends and receives data through encrypted tunnels. This means that if you use a reliable VPN service provider and keep that connection on – nobody will know what you’re doing online.

Choosing the Best VPNs for Torrenting

If you’re reading this topic then it is likely you’re already used to torrent clients. The good news is that you won’t need to learn any complicated configurations or setups to use a VPN while torrenting. VPN services are often provided using apps.

These can be installed like any others software applications. Once you install and run it, you can choose to automatically launch the VPN when your system starts – gaining automatic always-on protection. The only thing you’ll need to do during the setup process is to choose the protocol preferred and the country you wish to connect to.

Some VPN service providers like NordVPN have optimized P2P servers you can use for torrenting while others like Surfshark allow you to use any of their servers to torrent on.
Is Using a VPN for Torrenting Really Safe?

VPNs work by allowing your device to connect to a secure server operated by the service provider. The connection creates a ‘tunnel’ through which all your data flows. This tunnel is secure and all data moving in it is also encrypted for enhanced security.

For example, if you were to be downloading an application on your torrent client and using a VPN as well, all the data that makes up the application (from various P2P sources) will be encrypted and then reassembled on your device.

Many premium VPN service providers will offer up to 256-bit data encryption, which is the highest available for consumers today.

Is Using VPNs for Torrenting Legal?

Torrenting itself is legal, although there are many interested parties that will try to claim the technology encourages piracy. Likewise, VPNs are also legal – and unlike torrenting clients, they are designed to protect their users.

Many good VPN providers have a no-logging policy, which means they guarantee anything you do via their servers will not be recorded or tracked.

SOME countries regulate VPN use or have made them illegal, so you need to be aware of the regulations in your own country. For example, China only permits the use of approved VPN service providers, while Russia outright bans the use of VPN services.

What Torrent Client Will Work?

Honestly, since the VPN is separate from the Torrent client, you cna safely use any of the popular torrent clients. We recommend BitTorrent or uTorrent – these are both powerful options and can be very easy to use.

Configuring them is a one-time thing as long as your own needs don't change, so just plug and play, basically.

Conclusion: Always Use a VPN for Torrenting

I've said it before and will doubtless repeat it many more times in the future: get signed up for a VPN. The days of slow Internet speeds are mostly over and even speeds on mobile devices are on the rise. Our desktops are more powerful than ever and the reach of broadband is extensive.

Speed isn't the focus anymore – security is. By not using a VPN when you torrent, you're opening yourself up to a while host of potential problems. As you can see by now, the prices of these top-tier VPNs I've listed can be incredibly cheap!

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