5 Best Buffstreams Alternatives to Try in 2024

As we step into 2024, there are many sports streaming platforms online. Some, like Buffstreams, are showing their age. Don't worry, though. Buffstreams alternatives are a-plenty. Best of all, many are also free.

While Buffstreams has set a high standard in free live sports streaming, others have not sat idly behind. Many streaming platforms now offer equally crisp and buffer-free game streams. Some provide access to multiple sports, while others focus on specifics.

Here are the best Buffstreams alternatives to try this year:

  • VIPBoxTV provides extensive sports coverage and a user-friendly interface. It's our top pick among all Buffstreams Alternatives.
  • SportsFeed24 offers a modern streaming experience with adaptive quality and real-time sports news. It's ideal for the tech-savvy sports enthusiast.
  • CricFree.TV is the ultimate destination for cricket lovers. Everything is in high-quality streams. Except, well, you can only watch cricket.
  • WatchSports offers a dynamic and immersive experience for those who don't want to miss live sporting action.
  • MLBSHOW is a haven for baseball fans. It offers focused MLB content and high-quality viewing options.


VIPBoxTV is a formidable Buffstreams alternative.
138,900 Monthly Visitors head to VIPBoxTV

VIPBoxTV is a formidable Buffstreams alternative. It has gained popularity for its extensive coverage of various sports. Although the design looks simple, that isn't a top priority. The streamlined design may even help site performance. The essential thing is the highly inclusive volume of sports streaming provided.

While many will love that they cover hockey, basketball, and baseball, you get the whole nine yards here. There is even coverage of more niche events like darts. That made us sad that the overall experience wasn't extended to snooker fans. Regardless, the audience at VIPBoxTV should be broad.

The streaming quality here is commendable. Most events are available in high definition, providing viewers with a clear and immersive viewing experience. Even better is its well-organized interface. VIPBoxTV focuses only on streaming. You get no highlights, news updates, or anything else.


  • Extensive range of sports coverage.
  • High-definition streaming quality.
  • Free to use without mandatory registration.


  • Ads can be intrusive at times.
  • Lack of community interaction features.

Visit VIPBox

2. SportsFeed24

SportsFeed24 is one of the most solid Buffstreams Alternatives
109,900 Sports Fans visit SportsFeed24 each month.

SportsFeed24 is celebrated for its comprehensive coverage of popular sports, including football, basketball, tennis, and more. The platform offers streams in various resolutions, accommodating different internet speeds. That ensures you a smooth and clear broadcast.

Strangely enough, the site's design is modern (as far as free sports streaming platforms go). Navigation is effortless, and it's clear that ease of access and organization are top priorities here. The main viewing panel simply shows an upcoming list of matches by sports category.

If you visit while a game is ongoing, clicking that link will bring you directly to the sports stream. Otherwise, you get a placeholder page that informs you the link will go live an hour before the sports match starts. Very nicely done.


  • Extensive coverage of major sports events.
  • Adaptive streaming quality for different internet speeds.
  • User-friendly and modern interface.


  • Occasional ad interruptions during streaming.

Visit SportsFeed24

3. CricFree.TV

CricFree.TV's primary allure as a Buffstreams alternative is comprehensive coverage of cricket
More than 105,000 Cricket fans visit CricFree.TV each month.

CricFree.TV's primary allure lies in its comprehensive coverage of cricket. From international test matches and T20 leagues to regional cricket tournaments, this platform ensures that cricket fans don't miss a single over. 

Its specialization allows for in-depth coverage, including pre-match discussions, live commentary, and post-match analyses. We didn't care much about that, but we can see where cricket fans would love the interaction.

The platform delivers high-quality streams, ensuring that every ball bowled and every run scored is enjoyed in the best possible resolution—additionally, CricFree.TV often provides multiple streaming links for major cricket matches.

The site design is a little dated. We agree, but its functional, no-frills concept should appeal to you if you prefer simplicity and ease of use.


  • Specialized and extensive cricket coverage.
  • High-quality streaming.
  • Multiple streaming links for reliability.
  • Simple and user-friendly interface.


  • Limited to cricket, lacking variety for fans of other sports.
  • Occasional pop-up ads can disrupt the viewing experience.

Visit CricFree.TV

4. WatchSports

The standout feature of WatchSports is its emphasis on live sports streaming
Join the 89,000 sports fans who visit WatchSports every month.

The standout feature of WatchSports is its emphasis on live sports streaming. From major league soccer and NBA games to golf tournaments and boxing matches, the platform ensures that fans can access various live sports events. 

WatchSports offers the full monty where stream quality is concerned. You get most events streamed in HD, ensuring at least minimal blurring, even if it's not 4K. The best part, however, is that you can stream from almost any device – tablet, TV, or smartphone.

The user interface of WatchSports is intuitive and -strangely enough – engaging. Clicking on a sports category opens an accordion dropdown of matches scheduled. You can easily find live events or explore upcoming sports schedules. 


  • Broad coverage of live sports events.
  • High-definition streaming quality.
  • Cross-device compatibility.
  • Interactive interface with easy navigation.


  • Requires a stable and high-speed internet connection.
  • Occasional advertisements may interrupt streaming.

Visit WatchSports


MLBSHOW's strongest suit is its comprehensive focus on all things baseball
Since it's so niche, only 6,000 MLB fans flock to MLBSHOW monthly.

MLBSHOW's strongest suit is its comprehensive focus on all things baseball. The platform offers live streaming of MLB games, highlights, replays, and in-depth analyses. This specialized attention ensures baseball fans have a one-stop shop for their favorite sport.

Here, you get high-quality video streams with multiple streaming links for most games. The simple and focused design layout makes getting to the right stream easy. It's not flashy and, overall, quite user-friendly. We prefer MLB66 for the overall experience. However, other fans claim MLB66 offers an overly cluttered experience.


  • Exclusive focus on baseball, offering extensive MLB coverage.
  • High-quality streaming.
  • Simple and effective user interface.


  • It is limited to MLB baseball.
  • Ads can get annoying.


How We Choose The Best Buffstreams Alternatives

Searching for the best Buffstreams alternatives wasn't an easy job. After all, Buffstreams dominated the field for so long. Because of that, we had to tighten the considerations for each platform we examined.

Here are some of the top criteria we used:

  • Streaming Quality: The foremost criterion is the streaming quality. High-definition (HD) streams without frequent buffering were an essential criterion. 
  • Usability: The ease of navigating the website or app plays a crucial role. A clean, organized, intuitive interface allows users to meet their needs without wasting time.
  • Safety: Free sports streaming platforms are often dodgy. We have to ensure that the sites are not trying to force malware downloads or attach malicious scripts.
  • Timeliness: Aside from showing schedules, the platforms needed to provide timely access to live sports. There's no point in making users click so much that they miss the game.
  • Stream Variety: Not in the sense of sports variety. We considered how many streaming alternatives the platform offered for each event.

Why Do I Need Buffstreams Alternatives?

First of all, to clarify, Buffstreams is still around. The site is doing well and has not been brought down (permanently). However, having multiple streaming options means you can always have access to sports streams.

Nobody wants to find themselves in a panic if they try to load Buffstreams to watch a game, only to find the site is unavailable. It happens at times, and quite frequently it happens to free sports streaming sites.

Relying solely on Buffstreams can be risky, especially during high-traffic events like major sports finals. Having alternatives means you have backup options in case Buffstreams crashes or experiences technical difficulties, ensuring you never miss out on the action.

Final Thoughts

Some may say that Buffstreams has had its day, but we disagree. Still, as this list shows, there are many popular Buffstreams alternatives. While you may love one and want to stick to it, we recommend keeping a few alternates in your bookmarks.

After all, these sites are often targeted by copyright trolls. We'll do our best to ensure the links are working. Once any are brought down, we'll find the alternative and update the URLs. Have fun watching the game, whatever platform you choose!

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