NordLocker Encryption Tool Now Available from $2.99 per month

NordVPN has just announced the public release of its latest cybersecurity product — NordLocker. The new digital tool secures all types of files stored on your computer or in the cloud with end-to-end encryption.

Despite already having one of the top VPN products in the market, NordVPN has been on a streak towards offering a full suite of security and privacy solutions. The launch of NordLocker comes a few short months after Nord released NordVPN Teams which was targeted at the business sector.

“Our mission is to combine the best usability practices with the highest encryption standards. NordLocker is not cloud storage. We believe it's better. Think of it as middleware that adds a security layer to your data. NordLocker never stores your files anywhere. Instead, it lets you maintain the flexibility of keeping them wherever you're used to, only securely,” said Ruby Gonzalez, Head of Communications at NordVPN.

What's NordLocker For?

NordLocker is perfect for both personal use and handling work-related data. If someone gets access to your computer or other storage without permission, you don't want your private files, such as photos, videos, music, notes, etc. to be peeked at or stolen. With NordLocker, what others see on your computer is secure, folder-like “lockers,” which hold your encrypted files and can only be accessed with your master password. The tool is especially handy for protecting your most sensitive data, including finances, IDs, and work files.

On the other hand, NordLocker is a must for companies that store financial, legal, or medical records of their clients or deal with any other confidential information. In case of a breach, the encrypted data remains ultra-safe and private.

How NordLocker Works

NordLocker's cryptosystem uses the most advanced ciphers and principles, featuring Argon2, AES256, ECC (with XChaCha20, EdDSA, and Poly1305), and other creations of modern cryptography. Military-grade encryption secures files kept both on your computer and in the cloud hosting services, such as Dropbox.

Accoding to NordVPN terminology, a locker is defined as an encrypted folder that holds your private files. Their objective is simply to secure everything you add to that locker with encryption. All you need to do is move your files there to let the program know that you want those files kept safe. Simply a matter of drag and drop.

In the background, to generate the key to the locker, a random 256-bit key is generated with Libsodium, a modern, portable, easy to use crypto library. The key is then encrypted with XSalsa20-Poly1305 MAC using your secret key – the one that is assigned to you when you first set up your account.

Finally, the files are encrypted using AES-GCM (for file contents) and EME wide-block encryption (for filename encryption).

Wait, there's more…

NordLocker features zero-knowledge privacy. “Your data is not our business. Our encryption system is designed in such a way that we can't see your file content under any circumstances,” says Ruby Gonzalez.

Running on both Windows and macOS, NordLocker supports documents of any type and size. To encrypt files, simply drag and drop them into your locker folder or use the “plus” button within the locker. Once the files are in the locker, they can only be accessed and decrypted with your master password. Finally, your data is safe from hacking, snooping, and unauthorized access of any kind.

The easy-to-use app offers a safe way to share your files with others confidentially. Just encrypt them first and then send them via email, messaging apps, file transfer services, upload them to the cloud, or use any other way. The data stays protected and impossible to crack until you give someone access to it. If the people you want to share your files with don't have NordLocker, they can download it, sign up, and access the encrypted data for free.  

NordLocker Main Features

  • One-click encryption
  • Master password protection
  • Confidential cross-platform sharing
  • Supports files of any type and size
  • Encrypts files stored on a computer and in the cloud
  • Accessible on multiple devices
  • Runs on macOS and Windows
  • Powerful cryptosystem (AES256, ECC, Argon2)
  • Zero-knowledge architecture

“Nearly all files contain bits of sensitive information. You wouldn't want yours end up in the wrong hands and get them exploited in malicious ways. And that makes your files worth protecting,” said Gonzalez. 

A free version of NordLocker gives users 5GB of encrypted data. Premium users can encrypt unlimited amounts of data.

According to Gonzalez, with the introduction of the file encryption tool, the company strives to provide an all-around cybersecurity solution. Following the launch of NordLocker and a business VPN solution NordVPN Teams, another new product — a password manager NordPass — is coming live soon.

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  1. I’ve checked several encryption softwares and to be honest, Nord Locker seems to be the most suitable for my needs. The encryption speed is great and the interface is easy to understand. Also, I prefer their affordable price (and possibility to download a trial version). Hope they will have a mobile version in the future.


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